The Memorial of Perpetual Tears sits on 4 acres of prime commercial property on the north side of well traveled Interstate 40 in the center of NM. This property was donated by Mike, Mary and Ralph Anaya, a prominent local family.

The facility consists of the field of markers, embraced by curving red brick walls, which represents 5 years of deaths in NM. The field sits right next to I-40 and is the first thing a traveler sees at the Memorial.

The Visitors’ Center is located in the northeast corner adjoining the parking area. Inside you will find DWI information in printed form and displayed on our large monitors. Prevention and educational programming is available in the large reception area. We have completed ¾ of our mission. All the furniture inside was custom made for the Memorial by State prisoners and NM Prison Industries.
The National portion of the Memorial is planned for the north property next to the Visitors’ Center. It will consist of more red brick walls undulating across the property from the east to the west. In the openings of the walls a memorial marker will be hung for each state in our nation. The state’s name will be placed on one side and the number of fatalities for that state will be placed on the other side. We hope to fly each state’s flag as well. The center of the National Memorial will have a fountain and a park area for the comfort of our visitors.

We have accomplished so much — now we need help to build the national portion. Please view our show to see what it will look like completed.