Many people have no concept of just how precious life is. If they did, you wouldn't see as many deaths behind the wheel as we do today. Most everyone takes life for granted. You can observe this most anytime almost every day. Even though this statement is a generalization, the fact is life is not common it is very rare indeed, and the facts are that intelligent like is the rarest of the rare. Think about it, where else in the entire universe is there another world with life on it, the answer is, there isn't one. Since that is the case, why would anyone in their right mind get behind the wheel of 4000-pound machine made of glass and steel and drive down the road in an impaired physical state?
The worst part about DWI injury cases is the fact that literally no one wins. The victims have to live with the injuries that they have suffered, if they are lucky enough to have escaped the accident with their lives, and the drunk driver likely will have to go to prison and know that they seriously hurt or killed a person with their disregard for human life when they stepped in that vehicle intoxicated. It is so important to never get in a car if you have been drinking, even if you think you have only had a few drinks, or are only going a short way, so always think twice before getting in that vehicle, as lives are literally on the line.